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Create a journal entry: Define your goals


Please note in your journal what drives you to take part in the online course Chinese Contemporary Art Award and what goals you want to achieve with the course.

Setting goals

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The primary reasons for me taking this course revolve around getting to know contemporary chinese art. It is an open door to a whole new culture for me and I do seek all kinds of cultural and artistic knowledge.
Furthermore, I seek an opportunity of becoming more aware in contemporary art (I already am familiar with literary genres of the 20th and 21st century) and naturally would like to broaden my spectrum of ideas.
It is also the intricate relation of glabalisation and art, along with the political changes, which create a volatile concoction worthy of putting under the microscope.
All in all, I do seek for a fullfilling experience and personal growth, as I become more aware of various concepts and their elements, through this course.


vor etwa 2 Jahren

Then i think you came to the right place! Because Chinese contemporary art is relatively new, not burdened by a history of -isms following up on each other like in western art history, and so closely tied with politics and the extremely rapid rise of China on the global scene, it is an excellent case study for global culturalization. I strongly suggest the following books on the topic:

-Wu, Hung 2014: Contemporary Chinese Art. A History: 1970s-2000s.London: Thames&Hudson.
This book is on the suggested reading list of the course as well, and i have to say it is one of the best books on Chinese art i own. Not cheap, but worth it!

-Martin Jaqcues, 'When China rules the world'
He is an economist who specializes in China, and explains in detail and in every aspect how the sudden rise of China came to happen, and uses history, relations with the west, economy and politics to state his claims, and predicts how China will evolve in the future.

Good luck to you and enjoy the course!

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