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20+ years of corporate digital learning experiences

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I have utilized a variety of digital learning mechanisms for slightly more than 20 years now. Working in the field of sustainable development, in 1995 I organized and developed the first online training workshop in the Middle East, hosted by a regional UN agency. Prior to that, I had worked with multi-lateral capacity-building solutions using the pre-web internet technologies. Things have come a long way since then. MOOCs are now both utilized and developed by my organization, as well as real-time interactive education and training courses.

- Large and varied number of participants
- Wider scope of practical experience sharing
- Continued interest and further development

- Hardware, software and connectivity issues, particularly in remote and under-developed areas, sometimes creating a lack of proper interactivity or a differential learning pace
- Limited Q&A and discussion opportunities/windows between instructors and learners, as interactivity focus is much more skewed towards discussions between learners themselves, therefore less learning value per learner time

- Much greater value in smaller groups where discussion is needed

- Courses related to basic knowledge, or where minimal interaction is needed with instructors, as opposed to peer learners, should rely on MOOCs, videos, podcasts, etc.
- Smaller-scale MOOCs and other online content provision modules which allow for more interactivity time between instructors and learners should be used for training, exchange of experience and more advanced educational material
- Corporations could extend their facilities to non-employees and/or community members to benefit from their infrastructure when and where suitable, eg as part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities

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