Climate Change and Health

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Exercise Ch 3 Unit 2: Interview someone

Dear course participants
I would ask you to make an interview with a friend or family member. Find out what they think THEY can contribute personally to reduce their own carbon footprint. Then ask them to rank their options according to their preference to actually change their behaviour or whatever they suggest. For example: I would stop eating meat first, then I would turn down the temperature in my apartment . etc- etc.

Please write in the Journal for this interview just the answers your interviewee gave you:
1) what he things an individual can do to reduce their individual carbon footprint
2) What that person thinks he or she would really consider doing herself
Everybody can and should share their interview results and maybe add a comment of their own about the interview, the reaction of the interviewee. In any case, please write down as a minimum 1) a... and 2) a...

Good luck. looking forward to your answers

Rainer Sauerborn

interview on how to reduce carbon footprint

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1)a. Buy local food; thereby reduces the carbon emitted through transportation
1)b. Switch off light bulb and electrical appliance when not in use
1)c. Reduce bush burning to the nearest minimum
1)d. Use of public should be encouraged
1)e. Government should invest more in forest and planting out trees

2)a. Switch off my warmer and air conditioner when not in use
2)b. Stop smoking
2)c. Stop using fire to remove the hairs from animals

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