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»NEW SUCCESSES This course has allow me to discover the opportunities of using the various digital learning web tools and apps available today (some of them already known, others not so much) f…

Successes, Challenges, Learnings and Recommendations

Rocio Troncoso, 19. Apr 16

»In my opinion the future of corporate learning includes the use of multimedia tools, various devices such as mobiles and tablets and learning/teaching apps, social learning through social net…

The Future of Corporate Learning

Rocio Troncoso, 19. Apr 16

»We can introduce some innovative online collaborative tools which help motivate Martina such as Mindmup, Twiddla, Slack and Classpager, among many others.

Some Collaborative Tools for Martina

Rocio Troncoso, 29. Mär 16

»An interesting way of supporting social learning at work is to encourage workers to do the online training in groups; collaborative learning leads to cooperation and consequently this way of l…

Supporting Social Learning

Rocio Troncoso, 29. Mär 16

»I think that Martina should engage her team in her learning activities, involving them would allow her to feel more comfortable with the idea of learning in the office. Because in my opinion t…

A Culture of Learning for Martina

Rocio Troncoso, 18. Mär 16

» What do you expect/want Martina to learn? I want Martina to learn how to approach these difficult situations she has to face concerning three relevant factors: her struggled to keep up with h…

Help Out Martina

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Rocio Troncoso, 17. Mär 16


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Rocio Troncoso, 17. Mär 16

»Successes - Learning to study at my own pace, anywhere and at any time. Challenges - Getting to know a wide range of web tools for learning and teaching. - Tailoring e-learning to labour mark…

Successes, Challenges, Learnings & Recommendations

Rocio Troncoso, 07. Mär 16

»In my experience these three materials are important to digital learning, maybe videos are more engaging and also audios but if you are learning in an environment where there is not an easy ac…

Type of Material: #teamvideo

Rocio Troncoso, 07. Mär 16

»I think that one of the biggest challenge that I have to face concerning corporate digital learning is the need of setting aside time in my agenda to this purpose. However, the benefits of ded…

Biggest #Challenge

Rocio Troncoso, 07. Mär 16