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The external sales force

Integrating third parties is one of the most powerful ways to do marketing. Therefore: How can you leverage the external sales force for your brand or product?


1. If you are already working with influencers: Ask questions like...
- Do you give them enough freedom to create content (see Casey Neistat´s talk)
- Is your tracking in place and do you measure the right things?
- Are you going for influence and not for nere follower count?

The goal?
- Is there anything you can do to better leverage your social media influencers?

2. Think of any opportunity you can add social proof to your marketing activities
This can be as little as adding crowd wisdom like "Join 30.000 happy customers" or adding reviews to your sponsored posts on Facebook. Need some inspiration? Here you go or here or here.

The goal?
- Identify easy and quick opportunities to integrate social proof into your marketing
- Identify long term opportunities like cooperating with social influencers
- We want it to become a habit of yours to ALWAYS think of adding social proof

What comes next?
TEST, wether those changes make a positive impact!

3. How does social proof influence you - as a customer?

  • Please pay attention to any social proof you see in marketing campaigns - how are others leveraging the external sales force?
  • How does social proof influence your own buying behavior? When you think of your last purchases, what role did it play and what kind of social proof was it?

The goal?
- We want it to become a habit of yours to ALWAYS think of ways you can add social proof - which is, by the way, not only important for "traditional" branding, but also for personal branding.

External sales force

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Social proof plays a big role in my purchase decisions. Reviews and blogs by users carry credibility in my analysis leading to a purchase or a recommendation to a friend.

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