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Journal Exercise: #140characterchallenge

Write down the biggest challenge you have faced in the context of (corporate) digital learning and share it with the course in your journal (make sure your settings are not set to private). Write it in the form of a short twitter post or text message and find a hashtag for it. Maybe you also have a picture or an image related to it? Upload your text with a nice visual and make sure to check and give feedback on other journal entries as well.

Start your #140characterchallenge now!

Challenges of Corporate Digital Learning - On Who's Time???

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Employee L&D needs are not top priority at most companies -where's the time?Is it mapped to performance review? #NoTimeToUpgradeSkillsAtWork


vor mehr als 3 Jahren

Fully agree! time is the most important challenge and corporation must have obligations to the personnel which is investing its time to L&D and management must be committed to take advantage of personnel's capabilities.

vor mehr als 3 Jahren

The argument put forward in the Position Paper is that employees need to take their own responsibility for learning - so you are posing a complementary question, namely, what has to be on offer so that people can indeed take responsibility if they want to?

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