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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

Should we think of Stonehenge as just the stones, or as the whole Stonehenge landscape?

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Stonehenge seems to be just one component of a larger complex of significant historic importance, that prior to reading the course materials in unit 1, I was unaware of. The world heritage site rightly upholds its universal appeal as its UNESCO status indicates. The site as a whole is a vital and hugely important element of human civilisation, and it gives us the gift of being able to understand our ancient predecessors, by following in their footsteps, and being immersed in the unique surroundings created by them.
Stonehenge also has the mystical aura about it, as I feel when I visit the site, it is the sense of the unknown that is so appealing, and one can feel the energy that emanates from this enchanting landscape.


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To add, in this way, it is my assertion that it is the whole landscape is significant, not just the stone circle of Stonehenge.

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