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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

Reflect your Story, Part 2!

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New Successes:
I completed a few more e-learning's on general topics and webinars specifically related to the up and coming autonomous vehicle.

New Challenges:
I seem to be a person that reads up on things a lot but at the end of the day you need to use that knowledge so you can gain wisdom.

New Learning's:
It is nice to know the deeper aspects of digital learning and how one can possible improve on it. But I am also realistic and know that a lot of corporates must balance the ideal with the budget available.

I need to stop reading and start doing in the sense of building technical things I have the capability of designing and understanding in quite detail. I always want to seem to just try and read something more before I go over to the physical "building" of my knowledge into wisdom. Or just make sure I understand it a bit better or just make sure if there isn't a better way. I need to start living Nike's motto: "Just do it"

I am also realising that a lot of digital learning sites are starting to turn more into a business where course certification must be bought, nothing is really free anymore, and the ideal of educating the masses is not strived for as much as it was originally. You can get "education" but cant prove it or put it on your CV as costs are involved.

I understand this as money needs to be generated to sustain any business but to educate the masses in developed countries they might be forced back to the classroom environment where the personal touch and practical aspects of training, given the costs, are a better option.

New Recommendations:
We need to incorporate more technology into e-learning to make it interactive and fun not just reading. To cut a long story short I think digital learning is great but will never fully replace hands on training, especially where skills, like repairing a motor, plays a part.

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