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Digital Learning Strategy is very important like it was well stated in the Podcast. Personally, the five questions that are important include;
1. What are the company land individual employee objectives?
To engage employees learn and grow every day.
Getting little at a time leads to great performance and self development.

2. What are the exact employee learning needs?
We need to focus on learner’s needs for a DLS to benefit company
3.What content is needed for the learners?
Necessary to focus on what employees should learn and how they should learn.
4.Who is the best provider/facilitators of the content and modes of training?
** Knowing the best service provider of the menu of our DLS content and the mode of teaching plus who should learn in the company.
**5.What are the tools and resources needed to run the training?

Contented employees must have tools for trainings and the resources so as to perform well.


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I like the flower-petal presentation and the logical flow of the questions!

vor mehr als 4 Jahren

Dear Jocelyn, I appreciate the encouraging comments put forward. Let us continue learning together.

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