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How to get employees excited about digital learning Unit 1 chapter 3

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Knowing the agency or the need to for learning will keep me engaged in the learning process regardless of the formats and content before me. It is very interesting in the video when Hannes made learn that to know what you are aiming at and what the instructor expects from you the learner keeps you engaged and motivated to meet such expectation and at the end measuring the impact of learning will be easy because you already set the baseline of the impact.
Giving feedback to my submissions keeps me engaged during digital learning process. This motivates and attracts learners to engage and participate actively in the course because of the good conversations, motivating suggestion, focused answers to the questions and the content being clear and straight to the learner.
Once learning is associated with a given situation and demand it will attract my engagement because adult professional learn what benefits them immediately to meet the targets and improve their performances in the organization and at any other platform. And for my part the collaborative mood keeps me tuned to the course because of the interactions and enriching learning experiences. This somehow helps learners to create a team. My worry is keeping the team supportive after the course, is their future plans for MOOCs to keep learners as a team for future references?


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John, I completely agree with your point about feedback - the fact that people interact on the forums of a MOOC creates a sense of presence and avoids the feeling of digital isolation that we can get with traditional e-learnngs.
On the other hand, in my (limited) experience, the community tends to disperse at the end of a MOOC. However, sometimes people make connections elsewhere - on LinkedIn or Facebook for example - and can share their plans for further online learning. That is another way to build a learning community - perhaps there is a specific focus from MOOC to MOOC, with a broader focus on a group of people interested in learning via another social network.

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Dear Jocelyn, it is really exciting to receive such feed back. It is interesting when a community of learning is formed and this will always help the team to be professionally improving with the support of other members in the group.For example reminders can be done in case a new opportunity crops up while a team member is not aware. However, it looks difficult to create a learning community when the group is so big, because I guess there is limited interactions and comments to the submission of participants hence reducing chances of building proper connections. Regarding feedback, it would also help much when participants are not too many to learn from each person's submission, but when the group is so big some people lose truck on some important issues raised by learners.

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