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Gamification for Martina!

Do you remember Martina from chapter 2?

enter image description here enter image description here

You already defined her learning objectives.
You helped her create a culture of learning.
Now it is time, to think about gamification for her online training and learning. How can you add game elements and motivate her in her learning journey?

Need some inspiration for this journal exercise?

1) Article by John Hagel and John Seely Brown on how the online game World of Warcraft can help promote innovation - even on the job.

2) Knowledge@Wharton writes about how to use gamification in the health care sector in this article published on business insider.

3) Remember the example in our main material from HP? Here is the article by Chanin Ballance to read up upon their case.

4) is a Volkswagen initiative that wants to show how easy it is to support and engage people in simple tasks such as bottle recycling or respecting the speed control.

5) Or watch this video by Khan Academy, explaining some of their gamification elements on their platform:

Video by CenterScene

We are excited to see how we can all help Martina out.

Adding game elements to motivate Martina in her learning journey

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Gamification allows acquisition of knowledge, skills and basic competencies when learning is in a participatory nature. It involves learner’s personal experiences involving fun and participation hence increasing the interest of the learners and facilitators.
In the case of Martina, as already identified her learning needs and knowing position, the Gamification integration into her learning will greatly depend on the format of learning she is taking on while learning. Gamification most helps when learning is on sight in workshop and trainings. I case Martina is offered chance of study leave for two week workshop to join a team training inn management skills, it would help her this way.
Martina will engage in role plays on delegation, setting priorities and becoming confident while managing her other fellow staff. The role plays will help her examine her strong point and areas of improvement hence learning new skills according to the identified immediate needs in the role plays. This can help Martina within a team and friendly environment where the team has related goals and needs but it looks so hard for her to involve gamifying her learning because she is only one person learning among other staff.
My final support to Martina is to recommend her to involve in a managerial course that addresses her needs concentrating at feedback, assignments and practical minds and hands work while in office with her fellow staff. This will help her develop new skills and will motivate her to invest time and effort necessary to achieve the level of performance.
It would also be good for Martina to have in-house management training which will address the exact need at her workplace. Here the course facilitators get to understand what Martina needs and will then work with her to ensure that the content is spot on with the appropriate games to help her learn better and faster.

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