Corporate Digital Learning

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Successes, that my company has, is that it prioritizes training for its employees.
Challenges, that my company faces is that there is not enough training for employees.
Learnings, the thing is that not everyone learns the same way so information has to be altered.
Recommendations, we should constantly updating our training manuals so that it will be effective when training employees. I believe that we need challenges, learnings to gain successes in the business setting.

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My thoughts on Corporate Digital Learning, is that it can be very helpful for both employers and employees, because learning online is cost effective, and flexible for those who have full time schedule. Learning online can help to further ones career if they want to move up the corporate ladder..

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Looking through other journal posts my recommendations to other course participants would be that they need to have a open mind to other employees in their working environment.

I have learnt a a lot information in the first week of Corporate Digital Learning; such as the types of digital learning, benefits of corporate digital learning, and the challenges of corporate digital learning.

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