Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe

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Share your final reflections!

Show us: What are your main reflections and take-aways from this course?

Congrats! You've completed the course. Now that you're full of new insights and ideas about integration and diversity, we want to get a little personal and hear both what you've learned as well as any final reflections that you want to share with the 'Us' & 'Them' community...

...IN VIDEO FORM! (which you can record directly in your journal.)

Here are some guiding questions to draw from:

  • How has your understanding of your or others' place(s) on the 'us' & 'them' spectrum changed from before taking this course to now?
  • If you could pick one thing you learned from this course to spread to your society, what would it be? It can be from one of our videos or discussions with other course participants.
  • What is one actionable idea you can offer that would bridge the 'us' and 'them' divide - be it a personal experience, a project or an an initiative?
  • Still confused about integration and diversity after the course? Tell us why!

Now what?
Click 'Start in Journal', and record or upload your own video response. To directly upload your video, you must be in the Firefox or Chrome browser. Not into video? You can use words, or add pictures or links to articles or other media instead to highlight your point!

Is this journal assignment required?
No! Nothing in our course is 'required', and there are no grades, but we encourage you to reflect on these topics and share if you feel comfortable, so that others in the course can benefit from your experiences.

Lesson Learnt

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vor fast 3 Jahren

Hello Ernest,
I too thank this course for allowing my to virtually meet people like yourself. It is so interesting to hear views and reflections of others from around the world. What is comforting is that everyone taking the course has a vested interest in helping solve the problems we face as a global society regardless of the national boarders that divide us.

vor fast 3 Jahren

Hello Marilyn! It's very true that we all want to solve this problem. Obstacles may come our way but we must press on till the desired results are achieved.

Hi Ernest, thanks for being one of our most active course participants and for sharing your final reflections on video so we had the chance to get to know you a bit. :) Also very glad to hear the course made you more optimistic, that makes us optimistic!

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