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VIDEO vs. TEXT vs. PODCAST - What's Your Opinion? How Does it Change Your Learning and Which Do You Prefer?

So far, you were able to read or listen to the texts we have provided and occasionally watch a youtube or TEDtalk video as part of the additional material section. How did the different materials change your learning and course experience?

If you need more inspiration to answer this question, check the following TED Talks, text and TED Talk podcasts in order to decide what type of resources change your learning:

This TED Talk by Salman Khan even talks about using videos for education.
Video by TED Talk.

And here are 7 more talks about learning and MOOCs and about education in general.

Or would you rather read up on this topic? Then maybe you would prefer this article by Yaro Starak on "What Content Is Best – Audio, Video Or Text".

The NPR TED Talk Podcast interviews keynote speakers and presenters about their TED talk. You can either watch the talk or listen to it. Here are two episodes about learning for you to try out:
The first and the second one.


Think about what type of material and content suited your needs best and spiked your interest the most. Are you more #teamaudio, #teamvideo or #teamreading?
What changed your learning and your course experience?
Write down a short explanation in your journal and make sure to set the entry to public, so the course community can read and comment on it.


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In the case of this MOOC, I prefer to hear the podcast because it enables me to take notes in the same time.

In the corporate sector I rarely use texts except as bullet points to double a voice-over presentation. Our contents need to be engaging if we want to avoid big drop-out rates. So we use speaking mascotts, concept animations, software simulations, animated charts, knowledge check, etc.

When I was working for universities, we used mainly texts, except for IT training. But the learners in universities are "captive". They have no choice if they want to pass the exam.

Generally speaking, the choice of the media is a matter of didactics.

If you want to teach a dancer how to perform a sequence of steps, a slow motion video with a voice-over is probably better than a text with a drawing.

If you want to persuade someone to buy your product, you can interview people who bought the product and are satisfied (but not too ecstatic).


vor etwa 3 Jahren

Very interesting Erick, when you mentioned using text as straining learners. it is ideal for learners to have digital learning materials as bullets and probably videos embedded in slides to make it attractive and motivating. Please Erick just help me understand the process of using a voice- over presentation.Thank you. John Kiberu.

vor etwa 3 Jahren

Note taking while hearing a podcast is a very good idea. One could also add a task for exercise to recommend that for learners.

There's also the possibility to draw sketchnotes of a podcast. :)

vor etwa 3 Jahren

The choice of options is great to me: for non native English speakers listening and reading at the same time can be great! So it is a good idea to give learners choices to select for themselves.
I am interested: Can anybody give us some hints on tools that produce automatic voice readings of a written text?

vor etwa 3 Jahren

yes, text is a media you can use in the education sector but not really in the private sector (if you want to be credible).

However, I use bullet points to complement a video or a voice-over.
- In the case of a video embedded in the slide, I would display the bullet points below the video screen.
- In the case of a voice-over, It would look like a mltimedia powerpoint

Sorry, I am not allowed to share printscreens.

vor etwa 3 Jahren

yes it should be recommended...
"Draw sketchnotes" Do you mean mindmaps?

vor etwa 3 Jahren

Absolutely, I am a French-native speaker and It's good to know that I have access to a transcription.

About text-to-speach tools, there are a few free text-to-speech online solutions.
However, the best ones are expensive...

Note that if you use Captivate, you can generate synthetic voice from text.

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