Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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`Start by reading this article and discuss in your journal how current official definitions of "migrants", "refugees" and "asylum seekers" are challenged by the on-going migration crisis at the South-East borders of Europe.

You can also see Unit 2.1 for more information about irregular migration in Mediterranean region, Unit 2.2 about EU norms on asylum seeking, and Unit 2.3 on the case of Syrian refugees.

Don't forget to have a look to what others have done in their journals!

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The topic of status definition for the people leaving their homes seems to be really complex.
For this IRIN article, it is clear that there is a lack of a pan European policy in the subject. In my mind, there should be an organization responsible for issuing the correct status to the people coming in Europe and applying for it. Then this status should be recognized all over EU. This means, a Syrian or Palestine, recognized as Refugee in Greece could be able to travel all over EU. Since a refugee is granted international protection. Unfortunately nowadays we face the policy of closed boarders and of building hot spots in countries like Greece, where the people coming from the Middle East wars can only wait, with an unsecured future, and no planning of either grand work permits, so they can become productive where they are, or allow them travel to their desired destination.
where they are, or allow them travel to their desired destination.

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