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Create a journal entry: CCAA as a research tool


How can the CCAA be understood as a research tool?

Share your experiences and have a look at the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

How can the CCA be understood as a research tool?

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There are many countries whose artists have been forced underground for periods of time. I think that the CCAA model can be used not just for China but around the world for:
1. How to collect a true representation of a period in art (unselfishly)
2 How to legitimize the art (establishing networks of globally recognized experts)
3 How to present the art to the rest of the world(participation in prestigious worldwide art venues)
4 How to anticipate & overcome resistance (governmental controls , market bias)
5 How to encourage & promote future artists(recognition, inclusion in the process)
6 The need to document the process and its historical significance

The importance of ever-expanding networks was emphasized in this unit to show us that networks provide a way to maximize participation and thus increase global exposure.


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Hello Christine
thank you for all these statements. Indeed you are looking in a very differenciated way on the collecting process and the network.
Against the end of the course, we will ask you to write a personal statement as a certificate work. I think your statements could be a good start for such a certificate work.
I suggest that you look for some other participants to discuss your ideas more deeply?
Have a good time

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