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Create a journal entry: Engaging with art


How does engaging with art help us to better understand Chinese society?

Share your experiences and have a look a the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

Engaging w/ art to better understand Chinese society

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I don't feel that I know enough yet about the Chinese culture but I would like to give an example of where I think you might be going with this question.

If I were to see one of the works of the Chilean artist, Roberto Matta, and i knew nothing about Chile at that time in history, i could only view his art on a very superficial level. If, however, I contextualize his art within the Chilean experience, now i can see that his predominant sense of motion is reflecting both the turbulence of the landscape (earthquakes, volcanoes) and the political instability of his time. Through this unique cultural lens i can now hear what he's saying. I would have missed his message of hope in the aftermath of struggle. I would have missed the nobility of thought, the courage of persistence, the quest for meaning in a changing world. HIs art became more beautiful, and so too, the man. Ironically, in the end, the art transcended the culture but i never would have understood it without the cultural lens.


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Thank you, Christine. I was trying to explain last week in the webinar that we see the CCAA as a case study. Cases allow to look at a larger context and understand more of it because they represent more than just themselves. The CCAA's history allows to understand one possible narrative of the Chinese contemporay art since the 70ies.

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