Claudia Salowski

Designing Coaching Conversations Creatively

  • 35 min
  • Englisch
  • Management

Über den Kurs

This Espresso Course supports you in using creative methods for your Coaching conversations - in order to make the results more visible and more tangible

Often times Coaching conversations or problem solving is mainly focused on or limited to a pure dialogue, that means they take place on the levels of facts, logic and language. Using Coaching as a methodology and adding creativity methods helps to activate emotions and the power of mental pictures so that solutions become more visible and more tangible.

The course contents are:

  1. Introduction: Why Coaching? How is Coaching different from Mentoring and Training?
  2. Coaching as a profession and a leadership tool
  3. The Coaching Mindset
  4. Setting the stage
  5. The GROW model for solution-oriented conversations
  6. Using creative methods in contracting and goal-setting
  7. Solving problems playfully
  8. Visualization and documentation during the Coaching process
  9. Roles and Responsibilities in the Coaching process
  10. Wrap-up

This course structure will support both, experienced Coaches as well as Leaders or Managers with less experience in Coaching. There is also a bonus video that shows different scenes of demo Coaching processes that provide insights on how the methods look like in real life.


What our customers say about the course...

Short, strong & activating

"I really enjoyed the compact course with its clear methods. It offers the opportunity to reflect on my own coaching sessions, so that I could refresh elements and add to my toolbox of methods. The bonus video rounds it off appropriately, where Claudia Salowski authentically shows use cases in action."

Andreas Rechter from Vodafone

Good insight into the practical side of things

„I liked the course a lot. You get a reasonable overview. The lessons stay on the surface, how could this be otherwise in the shortness, but the bonus videos give you a good insight into the practice..“

Markus Veith, Managing Director of bettercoach

Contents are precisely presented

,,The course is very good. The content is presented precisely. I particularly like the fact that the trainer's content is visually supplemented via flipchart. I will try out the relationship map myself, it sounds like a very exciting tool!"

Desiree Eller, HSBC Germany

Conveys clearly and goal-oriented how effective creative coaching can be

,,The espresso course "Designing Coaching Conversations Creatively" - conveys clearly and in a goal-oriented way how effective creative coaching can be if the appropriate framework conditions are ensured. Ms Salowski communicates her content precisely and to the point. She opens up her treasure trove of methods for the participants. In doing so, she orients herself to different phases in the coaching process and clearly outlines the effects that can be achieved through their use. The individual instructional videos are technically of excellent quality. All in all, the espresso course encourages the use of creative methods and illustrates the opportunities they offer to secure a good result for the coachee. 

The bonus video was particularly impressive for me, as Ms Salowski gives a real insight into her coaching work here. In this way, the teaching content manifests itself clearly once again. In addition, it comes to expression that Ms Salowski has really found her vocation for her skills."

Bertram Kasper

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