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Create a journal entry: Global culture


Describe yourself, your cultural background and how you experience culture on a daily basis.

Do you observe examples of global culture in your everyday life?

Share your experiences and have a look at the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

Global Culture

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My daily life is a mixture of different cultures. I am a Chinese living in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong is a culturally diverse city. Borned in HK, I went to university in the UK, and my husband is from Canada. We speak and read in Chinese and English at our daily lives. We watch TV programs and movies from all over the world.

There are many examples of global cultures in my everyday life, same as for many others in Hong Kong. For example, in a day, we have local Hong Kong style breakfast, Japanese sashimi or sushi lunch and then French fine dining at night. We taste and experience the best from different parts of the world.


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Hi Winnie
indeed, I think that Hong Kong is a very lively example of global culture. Whenever I come there, I am very touched by the different cultural experiences you can see and sense. Compared to my home country in Switzerland everything seems to be more light and kind of "more moved" than in my home country.

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