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Assignment #2: Paper prototype

Week 2: generating and designing ideas for an interface with a paper prototype.
This week, you will turn your storyboard from last week into a paper prototype. Taking the sketches you made as a starting point, create a paper prototype representing a specific task a typical user will carry out. If you can, also do a simple test with your prototype with someone in your neighbourhood, record and use the feedback from the test to improve your design. Iterate as much as possible!

Iterate on your concept, using the feedback you got from your peers.
Analyse which role the mobile device has in the user journey.
Now sketch out three different ideas for interfaces.
Get feedback on your sketches / paper prototypes from your peers

Upload your paper prototypes, and a description
Deliverable: pictures (pdf / jpeg) and some text

Paper prototype of Cook and Chat

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The version prototypes the some of the functionality and the look and feel of 1 activity - arranging for the group's next 'meeting' (or cook-in) and the menu for that session:


avant plus de 4 années

Great work, Senerath. I would be interested in knowing, how do the groups come together in the first place?

avant environ 4 années

Thanks. I would imagine the main way would be through word of mouth .. like Anton knows a friend and asks him to join in and his friend knows a another friend and so on .. this way there is a smaller likelihood of someone who does not fit in (mentally, locationally etc) trying to join. The secondary way would be through play store where there would be the app listed with its description and ratings.

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