Prototyping Interaction

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Mapping the context and communicating your concept with a (moving) storyboard. Think of a solution that contains a smartphone or a tablet. Envision the working of the service/product in a storyboard.

Show in the storyboard:

  • What the user experience looks like
  • How the service works
  • What the context is
  • How user interface generally works

Upload your storyboard, and a description. Optional: Capture your storyboard in a video and provide it with a voice-over. Deliverable: image and/or video and a short text

Chat and Cook

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App that allows people over 60 to chat, exchange recipes and arrange for meet-ups to jointly cook meals for their group lunch or dinner.
(Work heavily influenced by Maaike van Cruchten's storyboard Share a Meal with apologies!)


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