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Senerath de Silva
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»Make a test plan containing: a clearly described purpose(s) of your test a scenario for the test person a clear task for the test person

Conduct a usability test - instructions only (no test yet)

Senerath de Silva, 28. Mars 16

»This is the first iteration of Cook and Chat (url given below) which displays a low fidelity digital prototype of one of the app's functionalities i.e. how 60+ years old members can chat and a…

Cook and Chat digital

Senerath de Silva, 20. Mars 16

Paper prototype of Cook and Chat

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Senerath de Silva, 18. Mars 16

Cook and Chat Interface Sketch - simplified for mobile app

Senerath de Silva, 14. Mars 16

Chat and Cook Interface Sketches

Senerath de Silva, 11. Mars 16

Chat and Cook

Senerath de Silva, 07. Mars 16