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Visual Thinking for Business - Make Your Point

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Warm-up Exercises - Circles

Just like you have to warm up your muscles before sports and training, you also need to warm up your visual thinking muscles – your mind and hand. Warm-up exercises are also a great way to trigger creativity. Be sure to make them part of your drawing routine.
Read up on them and get more ideas here.

Check out this simple exercise:

  1. Draw several circles in different sizes over and over again and try to get them as round as possible. It is not about perfection, but about getting comfortable drawing a nice circle quickly and to warm-up your hands and your mind.
    After you have done this, check out this link and try the circles again with this neat trick. But no peaking beforehand! ☺

  2. Take your circles and fill them up with colours or simply make a new image out of them. You can get some inspiration for this here.

  3. Upload your favorite circle or show the course a picture of your whole circle collection in the journal.

If you have more warm-up exercises, share them with the other learners in your journal.

Circles are hard

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The shortcut is clever - except, that you won't be able to turn a flipchart or a whiteboard to make a big circle...;-)

I think I'll try doing it over and over without tricks a good 100 times or so. On cheaper paper than y sketch book, though.

My circles tend to become tilted eggs, very flat or with the start and beginning not meeting each other at the, ehmm,.. end.


avant presque 4 années

Bottles are fun. But still a long way to go for me.

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