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Your Cover Story - The Future of Corporate Digital Learning

How do you imagine the future to look like?

With the gamestorming method "Cover Story" - explained here by Dave Gray - we would like you to envision and imagine your ideal future of corporate digital learning.

You can create your own magazine cover page, use the gamestorming image as inspiration, or come up with something completely different and new. Just show us your wildest dreams! Usually, this game is played collaboratively, but we want to put the focus on the discussions and comments after. So make sure to share your journal entry and have a look at other journals as well.
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This game is based on The Grove Consultants International’s Leaders Guide to Accompany the Cover Story Vision Graphic Guide® ©1996–2010 The Grove.

Ps: There is also an online version of Cover Story, you can play here.

Need some inspiration on how the future could look like?
Watch this video by The CGBros!

Future Corporate Digital Learning

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Online training lacks the practical aspect, which is crucial in our industry.

Some MOOC's discussing electronics will use electronic development tools to supplement the theory i.e. build a variable DC motor using a microcontroller and a MOSFET.

So in future Technicians will receive all the training material on their personal communication device that can display the information and technical components and parts in a holographic image if desired. The built in projector can also be used to project image and text on walls.

That image can then be interacted with in a easily interfaced way maybe with voice recognition or "touch". a request "Remove cylinder head" will be followed by an instruction "the coolant system has be drained first, would you want to do or do you want to skip all the interim processes?"

Components like an engine can then be disassemble in virtual reality to see how all the sub components interact as it rotated or as fuel is injected or as spark occurs or as the ABS valves activate.

The App can be linked to a 3D printer that can do a biodegradable scale model of what ever component you need to touch or interact with.

Questions asked will be understood and you will in some cases be directed to a "Wikipedia" of some sorts with possible answers.

interaction will occur where you increase vehicle speed or load or open a door and see the result in all systems as CAN bus message are sent and actuators react.

Some want a world as in the short film but the future is unknown and in reality stays very similar to what is currently happening so this is a dream that might not even happen in my life time.

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