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»With the increasing development of dating techniques and archaeological knowledge, we are in the strong belief that within a number of years, we will have answers to fill all the gaps surround…


Peter King, 30. Mars 17

»People who visit Britain on holiday or just for any other visit are always surrounded with culture and heritage from years ago. Stonehenge has also been a crucial and important aspect of Brita…


Peter King, 30. Mars 17

»Geoffrey on Monmouth provided an idea which caught people's attentions, yet as with every other theory, myths are heavily involved. Until we have concrete evidence of the construction and proc…

Just Like the Rest

Peter King, 30. Mars 17

»The easiest question to answer is when Stonehenge was constructed. We discovered this with relative ease and concluded it started about 5,000 years ago. The Neolithic people who lived in the a…

We Simply Don't Know

Peter King, 30. Mars 17

»The whole area of Stonehenge should be considered as a collective historical sight. Many people think that the traditional ring of large stones is the only ancient site within the area, howeve…

Not Just the Stones

Peter King, 30. Mars 17