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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

Chapter 2

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I think the solutions offered are the best we could think of now, but it is, however, problematic to think of the builders as people who would carry stones that heavy for such a long distance. Even if they could figure out a transportation method, like the boats that have been discussed during the clip, the stones used must have had so much more meaning than what we can think of now. it must have been really important to use this kind of stones and to go through all that trouble just to get them to the right place. Even the place itself must have meaning, I think. Otherwise, they could just build Stonehenge on the same ground and place as where the stones came from. And in my opinion, I think there might be more to the story than just the longest or shortest day of the year and the midsummer winter or summer. Why would they go to so much trouble and take so much time to finish it? I think we have the most plausible reasons for now, but I think there is a whole other story behind it, of which we, unfortunately, might never get the access to.

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