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VIDEO vs. TEXT vs. PODCAST - What's Your Opinion? How Does it Change Your Learning and Which Do You Prefer?

So far, you were able to read or listen to the texts we have provided and occasionally watch a youtube or TEDtalk video as part of the additional material section. How did the different materials change your learning and course experience?

If you need more inspiration to answer this question, check the following TED Talks, text and TED Talk podcasts in order to decide what type of resources change your learning:

This TED Talk by Salman Khan even talks about using videos for education.
Video by TED Talk.

And here are 7 more talks about learning and MOOCs and about education in general.

Or would you rather read up on this topic? Then maybe you would prefer this article by Yaro Starak on "What Content Is Best – Audio, Video Or Text".

The NPR TED Talk Podcast interviews keynote speakers and presenters about their TED talk. You can either watch the talk or listen to it. Here are two episodes about learning for you to try out:
The first and the second one.


Think about what type of material and content suited your needs best and spiked your interest the most. Are you more #teamaudio, #teamvideo or #teamreading?
What changed your learning and your course experience?
Write down a short explanation in your journal and make sure to set the entry to public, so the course community can read and comment on it.


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With audio, I don't like the fact, that you have to adapt to the speech rate. Even though you can change the speed sometimes, I simply don't like it. I feel either in a hurry or that the audio is too slow.
With video, I sometimes feel lost, when I don't understand an argument in the first place. Then I have to scroll back on the seek bar, but can't find the exact moment, when the argument was said.
I think that reading is the best way to control these two factors, that's why I like it better. Also there are more proven reading strategies out there, like the PQ3R method (preview, question, read, recite, review). Would be interesting to know if something similar exists for learning with video/audio.

But there are so many different contexts in which other formats make more sense than reading, e.g. whenever a process has to be learned, I prefer multimedia (simulation & audio), that it is hard to say which medium works better. I think it also depends on the learning goals that one pursues:
If you want to create a travel expense report with the new HR tool, you may learn it with a simulation, whereas if you have to set up the tool, you might read the manual, as well.

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