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Gamification for Martina!

Do you remember Martina from chapter 2?

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You already defined her learning objectives.
You helped her create a culture of learning.
Now it is time, to think about gamification for her online training and learning. How can you add game elements and motivate her in her learning journey?

Need some inspiration for this journal exercise?

1) Article by John Hagel and John Seely Brown on how the online game World of Warcraft can help promote innovation - even on the job.

2) Knowledge@Wharton writes about how to use gamification in the health care sector in this article published on business insider.

3) Remember the example in our main material from HP? Here is the article by Chanin Ballance to read up upon their case.

4) is a Volkswagen initiative that wants to show how easy it is to support and engage people in simple tasks such as bottle recycling or respecting the speed control.

5) Or watch this video by Khan Academy, explaining some of their gamification elements on their platform:

Video by CenterScene

We are excited to see how we can all help Martina out.

#Gamification for Martina

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I had planned the following learning goals:

a. Differentiate between her past role as a project manager (PM) and her new role as a manager in terms of functions, tasks, responsibility, managerial prerogative.

b. Prioritize and delegate tasks when it is necessary.

c. Integrate her new tasks into her working schedule (time management, self management)

d. (optional & long-term) Motivate, develop and lead her team.

a. Martina knows her job as PM, but it would make sense to have her experience different roles, so that she becomes more aware of what is expected from each role (on a meta level. This could be accomplished within a serious game, in which there are different roles to play or the player can meet different roles (PM/Manager,Sales,IT, etc.) of the company and interact with them (feedback) to solve problems or reach an objective.

Gamification should in her case also be used to give her a space where she can make mistakes without fearing the consequences.

Gaming elements like collaboration could be used for team building. Because of the fact, that Martina is a little bit shy, I think that it would make sense to bring the team together in another environment. If the team was to solve a problem together, Martina (and their colleagues) can actively lead without fearing heavy consequences if she fails. If she does not to lead the activity, she can also learn different leadership approaches of other participants.

Another idea is to create a "competition" between team leads, in which one can gain points by sharing best practices of leading his/her team and commenting those best practices. Collaborating could be fostered by gaining points by posting additional comments/literature. This way, different approaches are being discussed on a corporate level.

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