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»Hoping that the team will discover more valuable artifacts and discover the mystery of Stonehenge!

Unearthing Stonehenge

NG CHIEN YING, 02. Déc 17

»William Wordsworth wrote: Pile of Stone-henge! So proud to hint yet keep Thy secrets, thou lov'st to stand and hear The plain resounding to the whirlwind's sweep Inmate of lonesome Nature's e…

Poetry on Stonehenge

NG CHIEN YING, 27. Nov 17

»As explained by Geoffrey of Monmouth (c. 1100 – c. 1155), Merlin the magician moved Stonehenge from Ireland to England to serve as a memorial for the hundreds of Britons treacherously slain by…

It's just a folklore?

NG CHIEN YING, 27. Nov 17

»I am quite convinced by how Stonehenge was built. However, I like to think that it was built by Druids though of course, it might not be true.

Who and How?

NG CHIEN YING, 25. Nov 17

»I believe that Stonehenge should be used to represent the landscape whereby the stone monument were erected.


NG CHIEN YING, 21. Nov 17