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Create a journal entry: Reflect on your learning objectives


In Chapter 1 you outlined your motivation and learning objectives you liked to achieve with this course. Please note in your journal if you reached your learning targets, what you enjoyed about the course and what you missed in the program.

Reflection and Evaluation

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I have learnt and achieved more than I had ever hoped at the beginning of this course. I feel that my knowledge of Chinese contemporary art has evolved and grown considerably, opening myself up to a different region, culture and region of art that I had absolutely no previous knowledge of. Furthermore, having discovered the incredible rate in which Chinese contemporary art has flourished throughout the world and penetrated the Western art market, I feel that my knowledge of this art is imperative for the future as it is bound to continue to grow in dominance.

Being able to hear from Uli Sigg and some of the curators and jurors themselves was an incredible opportunity and helped me to better understand the workings of the CCAA from a first hand account. Snippets from Ai Weiwie placed the course in a Chinese context.

The only thing that I feel would have improved the course would have been a few case studies on specific Chinese contemporary artists, learning about their journey and how the CCAA specifically helped them.


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Dear Katy Landles
Thank your for your participation and feedback on the course. We are very happy you could benefit from it. Your remarks on getting more personal case studies was very helpful and will flow into our next course conception.
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