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Katy Landles
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»I have learnt and achieved more than I had ever hoped at the beginning of this course. I feel that my knowledge of Chinese contemporary art has evolved and grown considerably, opening myself u…

Reflection and Evaluation

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Katy Landles, 02. Déc 17

»Having learnt about the journey of development and growth that the CCAA has been through in its short lifetime so far, it is undeniable that it has a long future ahead of it. The fact that th…

The Future

Katy Landles, 02. Déc 17

»At the beginning of the CCAA, the search of finding the 'Unknown Artist' ran alongside the journey of discovery of a new, unknown award. As Uli Sigg pioneered this unique institution, it did n…

The 'Unknown Artist'

Katy Landles, 02. Déc 17

»The development and work of the CCAA has woven a web of the growth of Chinese Contemporary Art, providing us an unparalleled tool for research and enlightenment. Without the CCAA, it is questi…

CCAA: An Instrument for Education

Katy Landles, 28. Nov 17

»It is undeniable that art gives us a unique insight into different societies that we are unable to gain from history books and more conventional forms of statistics and facts. In the case of C…

The Voice of Art

Katy Landles, 13. Oct 17

»As an aspiring Art Historian, hoping to study History of Art at university next year, I am always looking for new opportunities to expand my knowledge and learn more about this incredible subj…

Student discovering more about the impact art has on our world

Katy Landles, 11. Sept 17