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Jared McGill
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»Successes I have learnt that there is a new way to teach and show people how to learn. Challenges I have learnt that one size does not necessarily works for everyone, and that there is always…

My Story

Jared McGill, 27. Juil 16

»I Imagine the future as innovative, unpredictable,and adventurous. I think that everything in the future will be digital.

How Do I Imagine the Futre

Jared McGill, 27. Juil 16

»1) I would want Martina to learn how to manage her time and how to delegate tasks in a working environment. 2) I would put Martina in a scenario, with a group of people that she does not know…

Helping out Martina by Jared McGill

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Jared McGill, 21. Juil 16

»1 I would look at the need; I want to identify the gaps that the employees may need training or help in. 2 Consider if trial versions are available; so that it would not be financial burden o…

5 Questions to E-learning

Jared McGill, 20. Juil 16

»1 Think Successes, that my company has, is that it prioritizes training for its employees. Challenges, that my company faces is that there is not enough training for employees. Learnings, the…

Share your Story Jared McGill

Jared McGill, 20. Juil 16

»Today I am going to be writing about Video vs Text vs Podcast. Video is a electronic device that you can see and gain information, but it is unique in its own nature, because a video can be …

Video vs Text vs Podcast by Jared McGill

Jared McGill, 16. Juil 16

»There are many who enter the work force, wondering if they have done their job right, at the end of the day. I believe that there are three ways, to help employee recognize their full potentia…

Efficient Learning for Employees

Jared McGill, 12. Juil 16