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»By trying to discover further information with continued archaeological investigation we are playing our own part in the history of the site and its landscape.

What for the Future

Jan Howard, 22. Mars 17

»Art, Music and as a setting in literature and poetry, film and tv.

Influence of Stonehenge

Jan Howard, 22. Mars 17

»Although the popular mythology set up by the writings of Geoffrey of Monmouth persist in popular culture I am not convinced that they overly influence the work of modern archaeologists. Fundin…

Influence of Geoffrey of Monmouth

Jan Howard, 22. Mars 17

»I particularly like the theories expressed by Mike Parker Pearson who sees the various monuments in the Stonehenge landscape linked together. Having approached the stones via the avenue it's v…

The building of the Stonehenge and it's landscape.

Jan Howard, 22. Mars 17

»To me it is impossible to only consider the stone monument as Stonehenge. The combination of features which have already been discovered and how they are linked shows how long people have come…

The landscape of Stonehenge

Jan Howard, 21. Mars 17