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Create a journal entry: Where ist the CCAA heading?

Journal Assignment

After learning about the CCAA and its eventful history, in which direction do you see the award heading and why?

Share your experiences and have a look a the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

Where is the CCAA heading?

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I have just finished watching Ai Wei Wei - Never Sorry, a must see for those interested in Chinese Contemporary Art. For me it highlighted the schizophrenic attitude the Chinese government has had, and still appears to have, to contemporary art and artist. I am surprised Uli Sigg has been able to establish and maintain a stable long term award within this environment, and all credit to him. I have also noticed very recently an unease in Hong Kong among the young more radical population, something that I am sure is being watched carefully by the Central Mainland.
My instincts would tell me now is probably not a time to change format or any memorandum of understanding. Working with Established Contemporary Artists in China also means working within the world of dissidents and a highly charged atmosphere where at any moment, for any reason, freedom of expression can be censored. Do established Chinese artists need this award artists? Maybe now is the time to withdraw back to finding the Unknown Artist and in doing so encourage a new generation.


avant environ 4 années

I am not sure if I understand you correctly. You suggest a focus on the new generation for CCAA?
Did you notice that the CCAA launched years ago a Best Young artist award tryting to discovering new talent, as well?
More about this in my own journal if you are interested.

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