Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe

Neither and both

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For the ones here I'm from there and for the ones there I'm from here. This is especially true if I don't agree politically with the people I'm talking too.


avant presque 2 années

Hi Mrs. Elaine :)

Thanks for your comment. We have a similar one that comes in the first video of Unit 1 in Chapter 2 on identity, by a Turkish-German boy. "In Turkey, I'm the German boy, and in Germany, I'm the Turkish boy."

Interesting that you bring up the point of politics - this is not one we cover in much depth in the course but we're curious to hear more about how you identify with your political stance(s) and how others categorize you because of them. This would be a good topic to expand upon in the Journal Assignment for Chapter 2.

avant presque 2 années

Normally people are so convinced of their political points of view that we prefer to look for a failing in the person listening rather than in our argument. The possible "foreign-ness" of the listener is a perfect explanation and eliminates the need to revise your opinions because the foreigner cannot possibly understand the reason for your opinions as he has not experienced what you have experienced.

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