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Create a journal entry: Define your goals


Please note in your journal what drives you to take part in the online course Chinese Contemporary Art Award and what goals you want to achieve with the course.


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Hello everybody,

I lived in China and worked there as a journalist for four years. During that time, I met several artists and learned about the vibrant cultural scene from Beijing, but always in an informal manner. Therefore, I would like now to get to know Chinese Contemporary Art in a more academic way, to understand and appreciate more the creations of Chinese artists.


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Hi Eduard and welcome!

Would you like to share the names of the artists you happen to know and maybe tell us a little bit about their art? E.g. do they have websites? Or maybe you would like to upload a picture?

Enjoy the course
Community Management

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Hello, Eduard,

Yes, please do share with us. It sounds like you may well have a wealth of anecdotes & information to pass on.



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