Climate Change and Health

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Exercise Ch 3 Unit 2: Interview someone

Dear course participants
I would ask you to make an interview with a friend or family member. Find out what they think THEY can contribute personally to reduce their own carbon footprint. Then ask them to rank their options according to their preference to actually change their behaviour or whatever they suggest. For example: I would stop eating meat first, then I would turn down the temperature in my apartment . etc- etc.

Please write in the Journal for this interview just the answers your interviewee gave you:
1) what he things an individual can do to reduce their individual carbon footprint
2) What that person thinks he or she would really consider doing herself
Everybody can and should share their interview results and maybe add a comment of their own about the interview, the reaction of the interviewee. In any case, please write down as a minimum 1) a... and 2) a...

Good luck. looking forward to your answers

Rainer Sauerborn

Our Safety, Health and Environment Officer's Interview

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Good day coursemates!
I have interviewed the Safety, Health and Environment Officer in our company, who also our Pollution Control officer.
He gave the following answers:
What can an individual do to reduce their individual carbon footprint?
a. Conservation of energy by efficient use of electrical appliances (one at a time.)
b) Maximize the use of personal vehicle, share with the colleague if only the same route (carpooling.) When possible use public transport if going solo.
c) Practice segregation of solid waste ( biodegradable / non biodegradable.)
d) Purchase only what is needed to avoid wastage.
e) Purchase organic food such as vegetable and fruits
f) Use prepare bags or eco bag when going to markets.
g) Do preventive maintenance on vehicle.
h) Conserve water, if possible practice three R on water usage
1. Reduce use of water ( reduce the time of shower or install water saving faucet)
2. Reuse water for cleaning of water closet or car ( water used for laundry can be used for cleaning water closet)
3. Recycle rainwater. Practice Rain water harvesting.
h. Avoid burning solid waste.

*What do you think you would really consider doing yourself? *
a) Plant a tree
b) Maintain an efficient vehicle by practicing preventive maintenance
c) Educate children about proper care of environment.
d) Purchase energy efficient devices or equipment
e) Proper segregation of Solid waste.
f) Conservation of water

Through the leadership of our Safety, Health and Env't officers, our company also practices water and energy conservation as well as solid waste management.

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