Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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In 2014 there has been a pick in the number of children trying to cross the US-Mexico border. This has provoked heated debates on the relevance on a human rights framework when looking at migrations from South to North America.
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Children born on the wrong site a man-made line

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It seems that the migration issues are the similar all around the world. People who live in poor countries try to find ways (legal & illegal) through safe countries (USA / Canada etc.) , on the other hand, the right parties on those countries want close boarder and strict migration policies. Obviously the fear that the incoming refugees will cut off jobs and will decrease the living standard in those "rich countries" is dominant. Having this phenomenon happening in America, sounds like irony of the history, if we consider that some 500+ years ago, the grandfathers of those who debating against refugees today, where migrant in this continent their selves.

The phenomenon of unattended minors, trying to cross the boarders, demonstrates clearly, how bad the circumstances in some cases are.
As one Syrian refugee said « no one puts a baby in a boat, if the land is safer as the water». This is the case of those minors, they are children running away of terror and bad experiences back home.

Providing support and building integration programs for those children is a must for every "western society". However, we might have to make a step back and consider what lead those children to this situation on the first place. It can't be that they are responsible for their own faith, since they have been living in this planet for around 10 years or less.

Can it be, that our way of life creates such phenomena on the first place?

Can it be, that our seek to overconsumption (buying more with our $$$) make a world, in which, children born on the wrong site of some boarders, might live a life fleeing.

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