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Create a journal entry: Reflect on your learning objectives


In Chapter 1 you outlined your motivation and learning objectives you liked to achieve with this course. Please note in your journal if you reached your learning targets, what you enjoyed about the course and what you missed in the program.


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First, I want to say thank you. I very much enjoyed this course -- its content, the varied methods of presentation, the quality of instruction, the visual and audio quality, the sequential development of ideas, and of course, the instructor. Kudos to you all.

My motivation for the course was to acquaint myself with Chinese art and catch a glimpse of the emerging Chinese culture post Mao. My ignorance of Chinese history is now fully exposed. I very naively did not realize that Chinese censorship remains and that its tentacles could endanger the Sigg collection. Are there any measures in place to protect the collection should Hong Kong lose its autonomy?

I was especially grateful for the brief but important mention of the 2 pillars of traditional Chinese art. Just that little passing comment helped to orient me while looking at examples of contemporary Chinese art. This, I'm sure is common knowledge for most, but was new for me. Again, thank you for a delightful and informative course.


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You are welcome! Hope you will stay in touch with the subject...

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