Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

Catherine Fidelis
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»It is inspiring to see people stand against a small group of people deportation under no basic grounds. This is a good example of how citizen can positively change the government policies.


Catherine Fidelis, 08. Mars 16

»Migration like any other economic activity revolves with time. To my thinking, 20 years of low economic improvement in the country results to the generation of people who have only one dream t…

Child Migrants

Catherine Fidelis, 08. Mars 16

»As sad as it might be, economic impact can not be measured on one year. The waiting period is what need to be discussed because the lives of Syrians have to move on. Exceptions in situations l…

Economic Burden and Where should they go?

Catherine Fidelis, 08. Mars 16

»With the refugees it is usually considered that they will return home when the situation has been better. The question of time given to the status of refugee and restrictions during that time …

Migration, Refugees/IDPs

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Catherine Fidelis, 02. Mars 16