Workers' Rights in a Global Economy

Worthwhile - I am happy I did this course.

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I wish to express my gratitude to the conveners of this course - Prof. Whitehead and others as well as the "guest" lecturers. I learnt quite a lot and much of it is useful for my current work.

I am just returning from a Doctoral Conference held at the Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change, Leeds Business school and felt quite proud of myself, when one participant made a presentation on precarious work. His argument was asking to rethink precarity and questioning the validity of definitions which we discussed in this course as anything basically outside the standard work relationship. It was good to be able to listen from an informed position thanks to this course. I am quite happy I did it (apart from being more than a bit flustered by the technology to do the exam. I am not a lover of tests and the word alone makes me anxious so I was in full anxiety mode). I am hoping there will be more courses like this, following up on specific issues. I am particularly interested in Industrial Relations theory.

I am doing my PhD on the maritime labour standards. Seafarers are one invisible labour force with many employment and working conditions issues. The core and priority conventions apply to them as well as standards specific to the maritime industry. I definitely learnt a lot and much about the ILO was clarified for me. Important information that I need for my PhD.

Thanks again.

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