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life and beauty

Watch and read the given material and try to create a digital collage on the specific theme or try to record via a camera (photography or video) something relevant to the theme: 'life and beauty'

The rose and the needle

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I hope the link works. simply go to tumblre and look for dutchlady101

Here a gif I made mixing a symbol for life, and one for dead.
The rose, and the drugs-needle.
The sad thing is that I made the original picture in the centre form Athens in a park.
The rose, never unwrapped, dried out and dead.
Next to the needle. Telling about a sad, unknown and maybe ended life.
And no matter how many roses I added, or fresh spring leaves.
The rose doesn´t manage to retrieve her beauty. The needle becomes darker and more threatening


avant presque 4 années

Hi Barbara :-) Can you please, add your gif file as an attached one , on your journal. Thank you

avant presque 4 années

Hello Angelina,
Nice to see that you are looking at the journals. I want to attach the gif-file, but I have no idea how to do it. I only see a possibility for pictures. Not for video or gif.


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