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My Initial Value Proposition: The Hours Collector

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My initial value proposition is The Hours Collector.
I am working in a hotel in New Hampshire. In low season lot of staffs need hours or more work to do (Hours means work that we do is paid hourly, so we call it Hours). Usually in normal season we can earn 40hrs/week, but in low season we can work only about 26-32hrs/week. Therefore staffs need more Hours.
This Hours Collector will connect available Hours in each department in a hotel, then with Hours Collector's App, staff could apply for those availabe Hours easily and in real time.


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Hello Ahliana,

Technically such an App should be possible te develop.
I am just wondering whether is will solve the problem of Hour shortage in low season.
It seems to me you are suggesting the Hours of work are available but not known to the staff.

I would think you don't get enough Hours in low season because there is less work available within the Hotel.
So the available Hours registered in the App should probably be offered by other local companies too, and not only Hotel departments.
A question to answer would be why a company/department will benefit from this system of Hour-registration. Do they have a problem of recruiting staff?

Succes with your App, would be a wonderfull thing if it works out!

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