Why Do People Migrate? Part 2: Theories

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Read carefully this chapter. You will find a summary of the main migration theories and some criticism to the current state of the art.

Do you agree with the author that we should have one unifying theory of migration? What would be the pros and cons of going that way?

Write your opinion in your journal! and don't forget that you can also look what others' have written in their journal and give your comments.

The theories of migtartion


I think that we need a lots of theories about migration.

  1. Psychological/human ethology theory, the theory about exploration.
  2. Social theory, because all of us lives in a group with network.
  3. Economic theory, because all migration, has some economic impact.

Then there are parts of migration so they can have aso a theory like:

  1. the theory of acceptance
  2. the theory of "let them go"
  3. There should be a historical theory that derives the consequences from migration in the past.
  4. A genetic theory might be also interesting, about the impact of former new members to receiving societies, and also the impact on emissive society.

My opinion is that every science could make its own theory of migration. We could speak about the cybernetics of migration, than about the geography of migration. Even astronomy can have its theory. We, our descendants will need it once.

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