Thinking Complexity

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Draw a multiple loop structure

This exercise will help you practice looking for multiple loops at work in a situation.
This article reports on a slowdown in Starbucks' sales in the US. Your task is to draw a systemic structure with two loops: a reinforcing loop that is the motor of Starbucks' same-store sales growth and the balancing loop from new competition that has recently slowed growth.

Hint: You can base your work on the Netflix illustration from the video.

A suggested solution is provided in the references.

A multiple loop structure, a work of heart.

  1. and 2. The heart is a pumping machine, but it works by making two loops for blood. There is a bigger loop, from heart to the body, but it needs another loop because blood should contain enough oxygen.

There is another loop wich is the loop of the nerve system, it controls the intensity of the work of heart, because the body needs sometimes more oxygen than on other cases. It regulates how much is a need of oxygen and forces heart to beat faster or slower.

But there is a bigger loop, it is the medulla, which produces the erythrocyte, so if we are doing hard work for a long time, or in the circumstances where is less oxygen, it produces more erythrocyte.

That is how those loops keep our body in balance.

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