Thinking Complexity

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Draw a balancing feedback loop

This exercise will help you practice drawing balancing loops.
The City of Los Angeles has set a number of short, medium and long-term goals for improving the city's water, energy, climate, transportation, green jobs, housing and wages over the next 20 years. Your task is to draw a balancing feedback loop to describe how L.A. is moving towards one of its goals.

Hint: A balancing loop is made up of four elements - a performance variable, a goal, a gap and a corrective action. You should start by identifying these variables and then add other variables as needed to make your story as clear as possible. The document "Seeing and drawing balancing feedback" in the additional materials may help.

A suggested worked solution is provided in the references section.

a balancing feedback loop (from nature, from Canada)

  1. A green forest produces food for deer, and rabbits.
  2. The number of deer and rabbits increases.
  3. The forest will be unable to renew itself because all the green offset would be eaten.

correcting loop:
1. In forests, there are wolves and cougars.
2. If there are so many deer and rabbits, the wolves and cougars will eat more of them.
3. so the forest will have green offsets, and be able to renew itself.

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