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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

Corporate Digital Learning - it is fare away


I have never mer in my Country and area a Corporate Digital Learning. The corporete culture is not at that level yet to use Corporate learning. But for sure in a year, or even now in Capital of the country somebody will start or started it.


almost 3 years ago

Do stay in touch with the world of corporate learning. It may be spreading faster than you think. For all kinds of reasons, good and less good, companies are turning to online methods to train their people.
Let me tell you about an idea we have in my company, and perhaps you will use it to start digital learning where you are.
We offer lots of training, in classrooms and increasingly online. But one of the issue we face is getting people to take responsibility for learning - to get them to make systematic efforts to go out and look for new knowledge. We are working on a program called "Self Development" to encourage this. To get people started, we will propose a number of resources that will be made available online, including pdf documents, TED talks, other you tube videos, internal newsletters and so on. Then (and this is the part that is still vague for me) we will encourage people to go look at the resources and find things that interest them in order to learn more in relation to their work.

You could set up a self-development project with a simple social media tool. Do you think that would work in your professional environment?

over 2 years ago

Thank you, for encouraging words.

I think that corporate learning might have an effort in archives too. The people in archives would need to know more about lecturing, speaking, to be able to present their knowledge in a good (not boring) way. Also, there are lots of difference between the countries of well-developed archives, and less developed countries, the gap between them could be also changed by learning.

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