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Share Your Story! ☝

My digital learning experiences


As a student , i havent a lot of experiences in my life but i can fill the blank with my little modeste experience.
Successes: i usually begin MOOCS and dont finish it. So i dont think i have successes yet.
Challenges: i promise to my self to finish this MOOC, and begin more of them ( i will finish them of course)
Learnings: I finded the exercices a little difficult in the begining and the record too long, but after i found the text and i begun to follow him.Step by step i can do it .
Recommendations: this idea of MOOCS should be an obligation for students in Universities, because they can learn more and better than what the teacher can offer to them.
( i am soo sorry if i have some mistakes in english, and i hope i answer to the question )

Thank you,

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