Employability Skills

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Learning goals, expectations and career plans

This Journal Assignment is dedicated to exploring the participants' learning goals and expectations of this MOOC.

You may also share some information about your current career situation, if you wish. This may help you find peers in similar situations and expand your network.

Please answer the below questions using a couple of sentences for each. Feel free to explore and comment the answers of others as much as you like. Let's become a large community! Also, this is a flexible exercise so you can set free your creativity!

  1. What motivated you to register onto this MOOC?

  2. Where do you come from and what is your area of studies or work?

  3. What do you value in your career or job?

  4. What short-term career plans do you have - what will be your next move?

  5. What long-term career plans do you have - what will your career be like in the 2020s?

Employability in Management Education

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I am into management education as a teacher.I want to see my students placed in big companies and so I registered for this Mooc to learn more and enhance my skills.
I am Dr.Yogesh Jain from Udaipur, India.My area of domain is finance and I am into Management education from last 10 years.
I value ethical life in professional life.I value human values in my job also.
Right now I am Head of the department and wish to go for dean-Academics in coming days.
In 2020 I am planning to be director of a Management college


over 1 year ago

Enhance your Employability skills this is my message to all Management education pursuing students

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