Corporate Digital Learning

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Let's Get Visual!

What Do Your Road Signs Towards a Digital Learning Strategy Look Like?

What 5 questions do you feel are the right ones to ask in order to address your needs?
What is important to consider in your company or corporate context?
Let's get visual and create a little drawing, image or graphic with 5 signs and questions you feel are necessary to address. Make sure to go through the additional materials first, then upload your visual "roadmap" to your journal.

enter image description here
Infographic by CommlabIndia

Learning needs assessment


My first 5 questions to ask are:

  1. What is your target group? Is it small or big? Which management levels are included? Which generations and nationalities are represented?
  2. How motivated is your target group? Is it intrinsically motivated in the topic or only extrinsically motivated?
  3. How important is the topic? is it strategically relevant?
  4. Which goal are you trying to reach? Is it basic knowledge/understanding or application/analysis or rather creation/synthesis?
  5. How much budget in terms of money and time do you have avaiable to develop and deliver the learning experience?

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